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Our Motive is to provide reliable and flexible services to our customers. The Founder of Full Versions Remote Solutions completes online training's, attempted many seminar and completed many projects and got His Achievements from previous companies. He helped many people volunteer as a part of loving his Profession. Now He is genuinely offering his services to People on Cheapest Package Rate. We want to mention that the Founder was a fond of computers from childhood and always try to do something new so well that because he just got hint on any technology and he got deeper in it. He wrote E-Books for a beginners, fresh graduate as well as advance users to maximize their knowledge which you can buy from E-Books Tab. These books are very conceptual and shortly clear all the points need to be in the self-study course.

Welcome To Full Versions Remote Solutions

Welcome To Full Versions Remote Solutions


We Bring you Quality Of Remote Technical Help Desk Support for your Home and Office Systems.

Full Version is a Complete Solution for your Office Networks and Home PC’s.

We use Skype Meetings to Facilitate Our Customers.

We Use Team Viewer and VNC Viewer For Intel Vpro Enabled Clients to Troubleshoot Problems Quick and Easily.

We Achieve our Targets in Minimal Timings to Satisfy Our Customers.

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Daily Feeds

Fix Don’t Send Error

Don’t Send Error Restart the Application.

Many IT Professionals have seen this error as a nightmare to resolve without Reinstalling Operating System.window error

Today I will discuss about Today I will discuss about these errors:

1. Microsoft Office (especially Outlook).
2. Browsers (especially Internet Explorer).
3. Windows Explorer
4. Applications.

How to Fix Print Spooler Problems

How to troubleshoot Print Spooler Service?

What happen if your network or home computers gives you a message suddenly when you try to send a print?

“Cannot start print Spooler Service”download (3)

The Office PC cannot print and you have to print an invoice for your customer or an important document from home.

Then you need help and you search on internet and find lots of tools to fix the problem and what happen next your computer works slow than before, Your computer shows many errors and unknown popups because you don’t run the tool you have executed a virus file.

How to Fix Internet Connectivity

How to troubleshoot your Internet Connectivity at home and Office?error_old

Today I want to elaborate the problems of Internet Connections for Individuals and Offices.

Many of the individual who don’t know about DSL / ADSL Modem connectivity background and configurations. They face problems like:

  • Internet Disconnections
  • Frequent Disconnections
  • Wireless 3G Authentication error and signals issue

There are several causes which I have discussed in this blog.

How to Install Correct Driver

How to Identify and Install Correct Driver for Your Hardware!7511914

Many common People took their computers to shops because they don’t know how to install windows because they are innocent and some people are worried about their data.

Many of the professionals or new people who don’t have experience also go to shops because they don’t have collections of required software and drivers.

When To Upgrade Network Infrastructure

When to Upgrade Windows and Hardware Infrastructure!

There are two types of infrastructure hardware and software.

There are following point’s mention below which you need to care about before an Hardware Upgrade.

images (1)

How to Buy Software

How to Buy Third Party Software?download (2)

While you are going to buy a third party software which means their distributors are not available in your country or you are buying from Internet.

How to Fix Computer Hardware Problems

How to Diagnose and Fix Computer Hardware Faults:


The Computer consist of important parts like Processor, Motherboard, Hard Drive, RAM and Battery. Each part is important on it place if any 1 of them failed you won’t be able to operate computer. To diagnose computer hardware problems you need to know the basic work of these parts.

How to Share with File Server Role

Sharing With File Server Role in Domain:41b979b0cf2b340581351b8edc256f14

File Server is now a separate role in windows server at which you can manage policies regarding data and network sharing. file server provides enhance searching features of files and folders on network. It also includes sharing security for secure movements of data.

There are Four Features of File Server Role:

1.Distributed File Services Feature.
2.File server resource manager.
3.Services For Network File System
4.Windows Search Service

What are NTFS Permissions

Sharing Files with NTFS Permissions:


Workgroup: After completing all the necessary steps of networking between client computers.

You need to share folders and assign right that is:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Execute
  • Modify
  • List Folder contents

How to Share Files with Security in Workgroup

How to Share Files and Folders in Windows 7 Workgroup:


In Window 7 you need to first turn on network discovery and turn off password protect sharing then you need to add exclusions in Windows Firewall and allow Network Discovery, SNMP to troubleshoot connectivity using ping command and also Remote Desktop for taking remote sessions you also need to enable remote desktop from computer properties.

You can also simply turn off Windows Firewall if you are unable to resolve the networking problems.

Difference Between Hub and Switch

Difference between Hub and Switch:images

Starting from Earlier when hub was introduce it was available in minimum 2 ports to maximum 8 port and then it exceeds to 24 or more right after then switch was launch with same look and ports which was the major replacement of Hub.

Comparison Between Firewall and Proxy Server

Difference between Firewall and Proxy:forward_proxy-3

Firewall is basically a wall between two connections of applications or services associated to any program.

Firewall is used to block program access to external means internet servers.

What are IP Classes

What are IP Classes?

There are seven layers of OSI Model at which IP is the important protocol in communication between networks. It is a part of Layer 3 which is called network layer. the whole network communication depends on this layer and it is impossible to create network without Internet Protocol (IP).

There are 5 kind of IP classes at which three of the classes are used and other two at which one are reserved IP’s and one is for research operations

Best Free Download Upload Management Software For Home

Best 3 Tools To Manage ISP Bandwidth Downloads and Uploads:download upload

A lot of people have problem of unknown consumption of Internet Bandwidth.

Today I want to tell you how you can manage your ISP Upload and Downloads with 3 of the free software.

Rare Microsoft Windows and Office Bugs Fixes

The Rare Weak and FIXES of Microsoft Windows and OFFICE:19373626-vector-illustration-of-man-tries-to-lift-a-weight-cartoon-weak-man

Cannot record windows media player video file.

Cannot save file without extension in Notepad.

Cannot delete used file.

Cannot edit open files.

Cannot overwrite open file.

Best Windows Security Plans

Choose The Best Security Plan For Your Home and Office Windows:

Method 1:it_photo_209038

Install windows 7.

Install AVG free edition.

Install Download Manager.

Install your required software.

Backup your windows with windows 7 backup utility.

Secure it in portable device.

How To Restrict E-Mail Spamming

How To Restrict E-Mail Spammers?

download (1)

Most of the people complains me about E-Mail Spammers Even Previously I was also a victim of Mail Spammers so I am going to tell you that how E-Mail Spammers span your E-Mail.

Software Firewall and Physical Firerwall

Why should you choose Appliance Firewall?

The basic feature of hardware firewall which makes it comfortable to use rather than a Appliance.

We don’t need any Server

Assume that if we use software firewalls:

We need to buy a machine and a firewall software this makes us increase in expense.